Using oils as his choice of medium, Richmond utilizes traditional methods, combined with an unconventional approach towards minute details, in order to create depictions, leaving a unique impression encompassing his artful tale.

 Surrounded by the silence of nature and blissful valleys within the Kawartha Lakes, Richmond prefers to capture scenes of historical items, feathered landscapes, figures from a time long forgotten and occasionally, dabbling in abstract color theory.

 Richmond's work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the Peterborough area, which lead to an invitation to the energetic event, Art Battle. Here, he captivated the crowd with what was said to be ethereal landscapes, taking him to the Canadian semi-finals.

 Presented with the opportunity, he disappeared from public exhibition to focus on private collections and his study in solitude. All the while, not realizing he has been walking in the footsteps of the established abstract artist and family member, Ron Lambert.